Game client


Set resolution with opensetup.exe and run game with Launcher.exe (or patcher.exe)

In Launcher icon you can set autopot, ground skills and other.

When client start failed (only shortly flash), try different resolution. 



full client - google drive

full client zip: [1,07 GB]

full client - server in Prague

full client zip: [1,07 GB]




Windows Xp / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10

1,2GB on disc

200MB free RAM



Dark grf



grey world

lite effects

small barricades






autohotkey : [5,77 MB]

Použití: Spusťte soubor autohotkey.exe
Po spuštění klikněte vpravo dole vedle hodin na ikonku H a dejte Edit this script, tam vložte např. toto:

While GetKeyState("F1","p"){
Send {F1 Down}
Send {F1 Up}
Sleep 50

uložte a dejte Reload this script. Když pak ve hře budete držet F1, bude se stále mačkat F1 a zároveň klikat skill, který tam máte.

Date Modified : 07-13-20