Server Info

 Server is now in development and everything will be wiped 

Main settings:

  • epizode 14.2 Eclage
  • pre-renewal mechanics
  • maps+mobs from renewal (all drops, stats customized for pre-renewal)
  • no guild leveling (instant max level)
  • no job quests
  • no dungeon quests
  • from novice you get directly high class


  • 10x exp, 10x job
  • 50x drop equip, 50x MVP drop equip
  • 200x drop card, 200x drop MVP card


  • max level and stats: 99
  • pre-renewal mechanics
  • max ASPD: 190
  • transcendent classes, soul linker, taekwon master, ninja, gunslinger, supernovic
  • minimum after cast delay: 200 ms
  • skill delay based on ASPD (official)
  • item delay: 150 ms (potions etc.)

Character customizations:

  • 2x weight capacity
  • you can switch between 2 character builds
  • some buffs last longer
  • buff for some classes (and builds like battle priest, combo champ, traps etc..)
  • trans lvl 90+ need 2x more exp than normal (like on 5x rate), but lost only 0,5% on death
  • trans lvl 95+ need 3x more exp than normal (like on 3,3x rate), but lost only 0,3% on death

Customizations for newbie:

  • faster training ground
  • free kafra to lvl 50
  • free healer to lvl 50
  • free teleport to fields/dungeons to lvl 50
  • higher HP/SP recovery to lvl 50
  • disabled item apprasial


  • max members: 12
  • 20lvl exp range
  • 20% bonus exp per every unique player


  • max members: 76
  • limit members in one castle: 20 (including aliance members)
  • aliances: yes
  • guild skills: all

Other customizations:

  • MVP and boss cards not working in WoE castles and PVP arenas
  • lower drop for some items
  • cooking disabled
  • some MVP only in Endless tower

Custom features:

  • hunt quests
  • auto events
  • master account
  • master storage
  • stats/skill reset
  • jobmaster (job change without quest)
  • guild storage log


  • RWC (7v7 tournament)
  • battlegrounds (customized rewards)


  • WOE:SE castles - 1 open 
  • WOE:FE castles - 1 open 
  • no requirements to build guardian stones and barricades

Client info:

  • renewal client 2018
  • game ports: 6900 (login server), 5121 (map server), 6121 (char server)
  • server ip:
  • allowed programs and customizations: auto hotkey, greyworld map, custom grf

Hax protection:

  • no-delay protection
  • anti-maya purple
  • game files checking, antibot system
  • and some secret protections

Special WoE and PVP features:

  • detailed WoE Statistics
  • integrated autopot and rcx (ground skills without effects)
  • improved gameplay for WOE: commands for less lags, clear vision, position lags reduction, new battle messages

Why autopot and AHK?:

  • simply you can't detect whole cheats, especially when someone creates custom autopot/ahk that simulate human

  • when someone have better internet connection, mouse or keyboard, it can be also rated as cheat

  • so we want the same conditions for all

Date Modified : 01-09-21