Server Info

This server is pure WOE since 2010 (with some breaks). No leveling. No PvE locations. Just create insta 99 char, get free equip and supply.




  • max level and stats: 99
  • pre-renewal mechanics
  • max ASPD: 190
  • skills - official
  • transcendent classes, soul linker, taekwon master, ninja, gunslinger, supernovic
  • minimum after cast delay: 200 ms
  • skill delay based on ASPD (official)
  • item delay: 150 ms (potions etc.)


  • epizode 10.3 Hugel (before battlegrounds and Valkyrie)
  • exceptions: cards, midgears/lowgears, some weapons (can be changed for better balance)


  • unlimited
  • no foods
  • some usables have minimum delay for next usage: yggdrasil seed -> 2s
  • @restock have 2 minutes delay
  • ranked cwp and blue potions (+50%)


  • max members: 12


  • max members: 76
  • limit members in one castle: 20 (can be changed before woe)
  • aliances: no
  • guild skills: all

Character limits per guild in castle:

  • 4x creator
  • 4x champion
  • 4x sniper
  • 4x stalker


  • WOE:SE castles - 1 open 
  • no materials needed for building guardian stones and barricades

Client info:

  • renewal client 2018
  • game ports: 6900 (login server), 5121 (map server), 6121 (char server)
  • server ip:
  • allowed programs and customizations: auto hotkey, greyworld map

Hax protection:

  • server side no-delay protection
  • server side anti-maya purple
  • client side protections: game files checking, antibot system
  • and some secret protections

Minimum after cast delay for some skills based on official animation:

  • arrow shower - 650ms
  • devotion - 380ms
  • kaite - 380ms
  • kaupe - 380ms
  • tarrot card - 380ms
  • dispell - 580ms
  • land protector - 580ms
  • ganbantein - 580ms

Special features:

  • detailed WoE Statistics
  • integrated autopot and rcx (ground skills without effects)
  • improved gameplay for WOE: commands for less lags, clear vision, position lags reduction, new battle messages

Autopot settings:

  • settings in launcher, processing in server
  • priorities: seed ->cwp->blue potions
  • cycle time: 100ms
  • if you use for example green pot, server remembers it and will be used immediately in next cycle


  • guild master can create bot to replace some player
  • bots follow their master
  • bots are counted to the limit in castle with other players in guild
  • bots have real stats and reductions
  • bots can't get party buffs 


  • dedicated server
  • location Prague, Czech Republic


Why autopot and AHK?:

  • simply you cant detect whole cheats, especially when someone creates custom autopot/ahk that simulate human

  • when someone have better internet connection, mouse or keyboard, it can be also rated as cheat

  • so we want the same conditions for all

Date Modified : 07-27-20